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IP Valuations for Licensed Property Acquisitions

September 25 2013 - BVR Webinar

Active brands, dormant brands, and languishing brands are changing hands in an increasingly competitive marketplace. As a new wave of businesses, venture firms, and private equity funds seek to exploit a "pure" licensing business model by buying these properties, the opportunities and complexities of valuations in this space continue to grow.

In "IP Valuations for Licensed Property Acquisitions" experts Weston Anson and Jeff Anderson will explore the methodologies available when valuing licensed properties for acquisition or sale.  Under the moderation of licensing expert Ira Mayer, this presentation will address how to evaluate competitive advantage, premium pricing, return on assets employed, profit splits, and other nuances to the business of licensing brands.


  • IP valuation overview
    • Bundling/asset triage
    • Valuation issues for different IP bundles
    • Valuation methodologies
  • IP monetization strategies
  • Case studies
    • M&A case study
    • National lampoon case study

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to apply traditional valuation approaches to licensed and branded properties
  • Learn how to assess the value of intellectual property bundles
  • Learn how the strategies employed to monetize licensed properties can affect values and valuations

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